BioFormatix, Inc. is a research, product development, and service company focusing on the needs of biomedical

markets. We combine expertise in informatics and molecular biology to address complex problems in medical

diagnostics, data collection, data modeling, and software development.




June 23, 2014. Results of initial clinical study of VirtualEye® head-mounted perimeter are published in

BioMed Research International .


August 28, 2013. Version 3 of bROC (bootstrapped ROC) plugin was released. The new version can be

used for analysis of differential expression data produced with both microarray and RNA-seq

(next generation sequencing) platforms.


July 15, 2012. Our bROC (bootstrapped ROC) plugin was officially released by CLC bio (Aarhus, Denmark)

and BioFormatix. Please, see the press release. The plug-in and its development process were

presented at CLC bio's workshop, which was held during the ISMB 2012 conference in Long Beach, CA.

The bROC plugin analyzes differential expression in microarray experiments and is presently available

for CLC Main Workbench and CLC Genomics Workbench.


Products and Research



  • GSP/ VFExpert™: Program for automatic interpretation of visual field test

  • VirtualEye® Perimeter: A high performance perimeter using virtual reality goggles

  • HFAImport: Program for download of digital data from HFAII perimeter


  • bROC: Software for analysis of differential

    gene expression in microarray experiments

  • PdCCA: Ultrasensitive method for detection of molecular biomarkers

Most of our research and product development

effort has been supported by SBIR grants from

the National Institutes of Health




BioFormatix seeks mutually beneficial

collaborations with academic researchers, and medical device and biomedical industry.

Past and present collaborators include: